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Pretty much Sonic Adventure 2 for Gamecube. Well, part of the reason is because I pretty much grew up with that game, playing those racing mini-games with some friends as well as trying to beat their fastest time upon completing a course. Of course, it wasn't the most perfect game, because sometimes did had some minor glitches with it, and well, at first, everything was pretty confusing to get through, but, I did warm up to it a lot more than the other Sonic Games.

Later on with the Sonic Games for Game Cube... I dunno, they just didn't feel the same, imo. Take Sonic for 2006. It had very good potential, but, honestly, I felt that it was pretty repetitive, and, of course the camera and controls were just very, very, awkward. If they had more time to fix that, then it could of been way up there in my favourite Sonic video games, but... yeah.

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