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    Ooh! Ooh! I like it! Could I reserve a spot for the Brute Breakers?

    Name: Brutis O'Neil

    Nickname: Bruiser

    Gender: Male

    Age: 50 (I'll explain in the history)

    Species: Primape

    Team: Brute Breakers

    Title: Leader/Commander, Captain, Commodore, General

    Appearance: He looks like the average Primeape, but he's hunched over a bit and he has an white bandana tied each of his seperate limbs, one for each leader he's seen take command and die.

    Personality: Brutis has become wise, with age. He is a good judge of character, and he dislikes those who do things for their own personal gain. If he has a choice in anything, it will be the more cautious, safer route. He's seen death before, so it's lost its grip of fear over him. He is almost fearless, but he is absolutely terrified of losing all of the Breakers. He has no feelings of love, except for the love of what's right. He doesn't believe in what he can't see. He may be in comman, but he doesn't like it.

    History: He is the oldest member of the Breakers. Brutis was born a long time ago, a mankey who was hungry for glory. He trained every day of his life for a long time. When he was eighteen he was accepted into the Breakers under the leadership of a Machamp named Fist-Thrower. Fist-Thrower was a fair leader, who believed in what was right. He was Brutis's role model. However, when Brutis was 22, Fist-Thrower died. They were traversing a dangerous mountain when a Pidgeot had blown him off the side of it. A new leader was elected, a young, reckless Nidoking named Fury. He took the position of second in command under Fury. This Nidoking was killed in a skirmish with a dark force of pokemon three years later. The third leader was a Steelix. The Steelix, nicknamed Steelskin, lasted for ten years, until Bruiser was 36. It was at this point where Bruiser gained his nickname. There was an insane amount of rock types closing on the two pokemon, and he was unleashing his full fury, bashing down anything that dared to harm Steelskin. They eventually overcame Steelskin though, and he was killed. The fourth one was a Rhyperior named Brick. Brick was killed just recently, and a new leader was elected: Himself.

    Level: 50

    Moveset: Cross-Chop, Vital Throw, Dynamic Punch, Focus Blast, Focus Punch,

    RP Sample: (optional)
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