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    I kept the story short because as I was writing it, I accidentally clicked something with my laptop's touchpad and lost about a half hours worth of writing...
    After a flash of radiant light before me, I came to my senses as I examined my surroundings. I saw Virizion with a puzzled look.
    "Did you just time travel?
    "I guess I did."
    "Are you time traveling or something?"
    "No... It's a long story. I'll explain later. Right now we have to focus on finding Takashi."
    "He is your partner right?"
    We quickly advanced through the Overgrown Woods and came across a clearing where we saw four other Virizions fighting Grovyle. I saw a cage created out of vines that seemed to have two people imprisioned inside it.
    "Is that Drake and Takashi!?" I shouted
    "Don't just stand there and give me that stupid look of yours and help me out!" Grovyle was trying to fight with all of his strength, but he appeared too weak to battle.
    "Can you tell me what's going on here Vivi?"
    "I really don't know, but your friends are in trouble and I can't help you. I can't fight, but I can give you this piece of advice. You can easily identify which one is holding your friends captive with your aura powers."
    I focused to the best of my ability and was soon able to identify the right clone to attack. I then used Aura Sphere to attack it. Then the four clones disappeared and the cage imprisoning Drake and Takashi disappeared.
    I ran over to him and Drake.
    "Are you two all right?"
    "We are, don't worry about us but... what about Grovyle?"
    "Stop worrying about me. It's just..."
    Grovyle fainted and I could tell he suffered severe injuries from the battle.
    "I don't have anything to heal him with!" Drake shouted, searching through his backpack.
    "Don't worry, although I can't fight I do have healing powers." Vivi replied, healing Grovyle's wounds.
    "Since we are all here. Let's just travel back. We still have a task at hand, and that's to find that shrine remember?" I said, holding out Mew's stone. I focused my aura into it as it shined brilliantly. Then in an instant, we were back in the forest on a dirt path. I noticed a cliff in front of us, so I curiously apprached it and saw a magnificent shrine below.
    "We found the shrine!" I shouted
    "Really? Finally, I thought this would go on forever!" Takashi said.
    "I can't follow everyone. I'm really sorry. My job is to protect these woods." Vivi replied.
    "Thanks for healing Grovyle for us but who are you?" Drake asked.
    "Well, i'm Virizion, but you can call me Vivi! I'm friends with Hideyoshi!"
    "Thanks again Vivi! Well, we have to leave now to that shrine. It's really important."
    We waved and departed down the steep path towards the shrine.

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