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Chapter 0 - Kyle Jackson - Outside ShoWare Center


Kyle frowned as he waited for the ShoWare Center to open. He was going to be coming back to see the Thunderbirds game later on in the day but he was currently there because he wanted to inquire about a job. It was fairly early and he knew the place was just opening up for the whole day and they wouldn't let him in for another hour or so.

Pacing outside, Kyle glared at passerby and the occasional employee who entered the building. None of them would let him in and they stared at him as if he were some sort of delinquent. Once he thought about it, he might have gave off that impression by eying all the workers at the arena.

Getting tired of walking, he sat down on a street-side bench, tapping his foot impatiently until he felt his phone vibrate. Digging in his pocket, he pulled out out his phone and read a text from his mom, shortly followed by another from a friend of his from Chicago. He deleted the message from his mother without even looking at it's contents and read the once from his friend.

o.O how is itj going there?
He quickly read the message and deleted it shortly afterwards not wanting to respond. He hated how this guy was trying to make small talk with him and it made it even harder to let go of moving back to Chicago. He really needed to make some friends here but he really disliked the people who lived here.