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Originally Posted by LilJz1234 View Post

Maybe, but my Pikachu doesn't! xD
O rly?

Conversation between Pikachu and Ground-Type

Ground-Type: Hello!
Pikachu: Oh no!
Ground-Type: Oh yes!
Pikachu: Oh NO!
Ground-Type: I'm gonna get you...
Pikachu: Nooo! Never! *Fires electric bolts at Ground-Type*
Ground-Type: Hehehe... *It doesn't affect Ground-Type*
Pikachu: Naaahhhh!
Ground-Type: Your life will end soon...
Pikachu: NO WAY! Iron Tail! *Hits Ground-Type with Iron Tail*
Ground-Type: Argh... You're gonna pay for that...
Pikachu: Noooo! *Starts sobbing*
Ground-Type: I'll remember the day you did this... Now, it's time...
Ground-Type: There's going to be a new gravestone today... And it's going to say "RIP: Pikachu"!
Pikachu: Naaaaahhhhhhh! I have to get away! *Starts running*
Ground-Type: Hahaha! Too late! You can't escape!
Pikachu: NO!
Ground-Type: Goodbye... See you in HELL...
Pikachu: Spare me!
Ground-Type: Nope! EARTHQUAKE! *Hits Pikachu with Earthquake*
Pikachu: Naaaaahhhhh!!! *Enemy Pikachu has died!*
Ground-Type: And that's just one of the reasons why Pikachu sucks! Little rodent doesn't need a gravestone anyway, he deserves only to be dropped in the bin! *Throws the Pikachu into the bin*

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