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    Kiki's eyes widened when she saw Mouser was poisoned. NO! She didn't want him to be hurt! The mouse and fox separated as Umber hit the ground, growling, and Mouser stumbled around and toppled over.

    "Mouser! Return! Don't hurt yourself!" the oblivious trainer cried. She reached down and pulled her pokeball off, sending out Squirrelly. the little pachiriu gave Umber and appraising look, then growled, her eyes alive with repressed anger from being in the pokeball.

    "Shock Wave!" Kiki cried, but her pokemon had other ideas. She slammed into Umber with Spark, making the dark type growl with anger.

    "Umber! Take both of these fools out with Faint Attack! The Tyrogue first! It's more dangerous to the other members of our team!" Jen cried, and Umber held still, a look of annoyance from paralisis.
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