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lmao Dero

I love how this update is like,
"things I like
things I did for other people
More things I like :D"

No, I'm just being silly. You've given more than adequate representation of the icons you've been doing. And I'm glad you've been able to expand outside of One Piece. If I'm guessing correctly, and I think I might be, you like One Piece, don't you? ;p

But you know what I don't see any of in your gallery? Green. No love for green. ;( But I think your use of primary colors is kind of your trademark now. This one needs bigger text. Or none at all. That text there is just completely cannibalized by the red. I do love what it says though! Total representin' dem arts. It's very /you/ I guess is what I'm saying.

I love, love, love that Monet icon though. The size and color just work so well there, and Loki wears it well to boot. ;) Lately we've been getting such good updates from our members and I don't have the time to do quality reviews of them all! u_u; This is yet another gallery that has succumbed to my sub par critiquing. Sorry Dero!
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