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Hey, guys.
I'm not sure if someone has asked this already, or if it's on the thread. I haven't been able to find anything though on the web, so I'm hoping someone can give me some useful advice.
I'm also not familiar with posting via forums, so yeah.. Just a heads up if I'm doing anything wrong. Please, kindly correct me.

I want to make a rom hack with 4th Generation games (diamond, pearl, heartgold.. Mostly HG) BUT, I do not know what program to use, or how to find it. I know of the program SDSME, but I can't even get that to work.

Would anyone be able to kindly pin-point me in the right direction to a working DS rom hacker, if there is one?

I wanted to generally avoid using E/R/S/LG/FR, just an fyi, hehe.

Thanks a ton in advanced.