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    Alrighty. I suppose so. I'll start working on my SU tonight, and I'll have it finished within the week. Here's the alpha SU.

    Name: Giovanni "Gio" Luca
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Giovanni is roughly 6'4, a bit taller than some of the guys his age. He weighs about 140 pounds and is well muscled. He has long black hair that hangs loosely around his head. It has the general appearance of being sweaty. His skin is tan, and his face is angular, his eyes are grey. He has a tattoo across his arm that says, "We'll all be saved in the end." He wears a black v-neck, black skinny jeans, and black van-like shoes. He has a muscular build. He looks rather attractive if you like tan, tall, deep-voiced men. He has an affinity for metal music, so he usually has a large pair of black headphones hanging around his neck.

    Personality: Giovanni generally tries to pull of the whole, "I'm a badass and I don't care what you think about me," bit, but on the inside, he's sensitive. People automatically judge him by his heavy metal look and his heavy metal love. The first assumption is that he's a heartless jerk who only cares about himself, but this isn't true. He's just as caring as the next guy, but he's afraid to show it. He's just gone with other's accusations to make him a little more secure. If he takes you for a friend, you'd be perfectly safe until he lays dead. If you make an enemy of him, he treats you with cold indifference. He once fell in love, but the girl dissed him the worst way possible: When he tried to talk to her in front of the entire school, she laughed and said, "Crawl back in the grave you came from." He hasn't loved more than metal and some other things since. His parents weren't around a lot, so he needs a mentor.

    History: Gio was born in Mauville City. His parents left him at an early age, so he was moved into an orphanage. He was very lonely from an early age, as the other kids tended to leave him to his own buisness.

    Starter: Howler the Poochyena (Or Howler the Whismur if my request goes through)
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