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Welcome to the signup thread for the group CYOA story!

What does that stand for? Challenge yellow oversized authors?

CYOA stands for Choose Your Own Adventure. What happens in a following part of the story is up to you, based on a list of choices. You can see how it is going in this thread.

How will it work?

Someone will start the story, and at the end of their contribution will provide a number of choices. The next writer will then choose one of those supplied choices and continue the story based on that choice. At the end they offer another choice, and so on and so forth.


The limit for how much you can write for each part is a page to three pages (or as a rough guide, 500 - 1500 words). This is so there isn't too much you are expected to write, nor too little for there to be too little story added on.

You also have a time limit of four days to write your part. This is to ensure the story keeps moving at a regular pace! Of course, the sooner you are done the better.

All posting will go in a separate CYOA thread in the main section. (Link coming when it is actually made!)

Where do I sign!?

Well, here in this thread! Post if you are interested in joining in, and we'll go in order. If down the track it turns out you'll be too busy when your turn comes around, then just let us know and we'll shift you down. Within reason of course! You can join in multiple times too, but please let other people have a chance to sign up first too.

In addition, the person to start off can provide the opening scene as well, if they like. Which means they wouldn't have a set of choices to begin with but rather come up with the beginning sequence, but someone's gotta do it! Alternatively I could come up with something if the first writer doesn't want to start the story.
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