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I was wondering what you guys think about a general level up system, whenever you play games such as MMOs, or any other game that has a level up system (besides pokemon).

First of all, do you like the concept of "leveling up"? Does it teach you things, beyond the aspects on how to actually play the game? Because, some people have been wondering that, as you level up, your knowledge and experience also kind of "levels up" with the game, as the character in question goes stronger. However, with my experience, some games with a level up system require me to grind so much just to meet with the game's standard expectations, and.. sometimes I'm just a little iffy about that.

And that brings me to my next point - do you feel that a level up system isn't quite necessary for games that come to mind? I've heard that sometimes, people don't like the level-up system in WoW, and hey, sometimes I don't really much care for the level up system in Leauge of Legends.

Well, just to re-literate the topic of this thread... What do you think of a level-up system? Do you feel that they are unnecessary for particular games that come to mind? Would you say that leveling up is worth it in most, or just in few cases? Any other thoughts?

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