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    Originally Posted by iDowngrade View Post
    Guys, how do i edit existing ingame scripts?
    I need to remove the oak starting part of fire red, thanks.

    And what's the script for a box that asks me instead of just yes/no...
    Custom options, like

    Instead of yes no
    Ho-oh or lugia
    1. Most ingame scripts can be found in A-Map which will open it if you define a script editor in the options menu.

    2. You are looking to create a new multi-choice box. I haven't looked much into this but I know that there are a bunch of preset ones that can be edited with a couple programs in the Toolbox. I also believe you can create your own, but I haven't needed to yet, so I don't know how to.

    Edit: Multi-choice boxes are included in diegoisawesome's tut (well, not how to make new ones, maybe in part 3 which I didn't search yet) so don't get snippy with Reygok. I constantly refer back to that tut, in fact I downloaded it. I also noticed that there is a few preset multi-choice boxes listed in the tut that are blank. Use one of the tools to edit them.

    Edit2: Nope, nothing on making your own, so just edit one of the blank ones.

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