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Originally Posted by Retribution View Post
Personally, I'd like to think Blaziken is something that is pretty amazing- especially since it now has access to Speed Boost. It's one of my favourite Pokemon aesthetically too. :D
I'm glad someone else thought of Blaziken, i absolutely love that Pokemon!!
He looks awesome, has a very cool typing and can do a lot of damage in battles. Of course, no pokemon can hold the title of being the best of all, but my personal favorite is Blaziken too.

For weakest Pokemon i think that Magikarp is pretty high up the list. It's true that a Metapod caught in Viridan Forest only knows Harden, but if you actually evolve a Caterpie, that Metapod will at least know Tackle. Magikarp can learn Bounce, that's true, but if you just caught one when fishing, he only has Splash, which makes him the weakest pokemon out there imo.

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