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    Lune - An average day

    Lune, who was just about as bored as she normally was, drifted above Tac as he walked down to the city from his house. She mentally noted the group of girls that were giving Tac funny looks as per the norm, Tac stopped at the Coffee shop on 6th, and went in. Lune followed closely, touching down and folding her wings as she entered. Tac walked up to the counter and talked a bit with one of the guys behind the counter. Well, when Lune said talk, she meant in Tac's own special way. He used gestures and hand motions as opposed to words. Pretty soon Richard, the only guy there that knew sign language and the owner of the small shop, came out and began talking with Tac.

    Lune slid into an empty barstool directly next to Tac, and turned so that she had a complete view of the shop. Now, she'd be aware of any intrusions that she'd need to be aware of. She absentmindedly listened to Richard's story, not really that interested. Once Tac was done, Lune got up, and followed him out the door, taking to the skies again.

    She noted the group of girls were following Tac, at what she guessed as what they assumed a safe distance was. She flew closer to the ground as one broke from the group. She was pretty, at least Lune thought so. She'd really love to see Tac in a relationship. However, once Tac began writing his response, the girl seemed to blow a fuse, overreacting as most teenage girls did. She stormed off after a few hurtful words, which began to kindle anger in Lune. She thought the incident was over, but then another girl walked up to Tac. More harmful terms ensued, followed by a slap to Tac's face. Lune landed directly next to Tac, anger beginning to bubble out, and she would have attacked the girl that had slapped Tac, were it not for the words that burned in her mind. "THOU SHALT NOT INTERACT WITH THE HUMAN WORLD, SAVE THE MOST DIRE CIRCUMSTANCES," it yelled at her. The other part of her felt intense pity for Tac. Why couldn't people just understand?!? She would have also hugged Tac on the spot, comforting him as a mother would, were it not for the same words. Tears filled Lune's eyes. Tac had been sentenced to suffer, and Lune could do nothing but suffer alongside him.

    She was remotely glad when Tac began walking away, but tears filled Tac's eyes as he did. Lune's heart ached, and she remained directly next to him, walking on the ground. Tac was so alone, and she couldn't be there for him, save when his life was in danger. Even then, she onl interacted with him in an indirect way. Sadness almost overwhelming, Lune followed Tac as he continued on his way to wherever it was that he was going.