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Originally Posted by Brendino View Post
I'd have to agree with this. I know that out here in BC, people could care less about French (only 50,000 out of the 4.5 million that live here speak it fluently), so I'd say either teach it right through until graduation, or drop the Official Bilingualism nationally, and have it regulated on a provincial level. I'd prefer if we went with the first choice, though, since having taken French through grade 12, I'd at least be able to order a bus ticket in French if I had to.
They don't even have to teach through to grade 12--they can just actually TEACH French. The fact that we don't really learn any grammar or real sentences until high school in many provinces means the curriculum is just useless. I understand it's way too hard to offer immersion in every school but they could at least teach useful language constructs from the very beginning so kids actually have some way to USE the French they learn instead of just learning holiday vocabulary and doing simple crossword puzzles. <_