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    Allright, round two *****
    Pidgeotto Sleep powder, and razor leafed to KO!
    Kadabra Sleep powder, and razor leafed. One hit ko
    Charmeleon Sleep powder, and razor leafed!
    Raticate razor leafed, critical hit, one hit ko!
    …well that was easy… ONWARDS!
    With cut in hand, I made my way over to the gym to take down lt. Surge. Gloom’s acid made short work of all his Pokemon.
    Went and got my bike and made my way to Rock tunnel
    Whoops! Forgot about flash.
    Made my way through diglett tunnel to pick it up, but I only have 5 kinds of pokemon. Damn!!
    Went and caught a pidgy, caterpie, kakuna, rattata, and dugtrio, then got Flash and taught it to Paras!!
    Ivysaur evolved in rock tunnel!
    Made my way to Celedon, and took the rainbow badge for my own! Muhaha!
    Went and wiped the floor with team rocket!! Gloom ran out of PP for both absorb and acid during the battle with Giovanni