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    Eli - Rustboro City

    And... Rustboro City's totally wrecked. The only building left standing was the gym, but the roof had collapsed. Even Devon Corp.'s lot was in shambles. Homes were decimated; burnt to the ground.

    "No..." The woman next to Eli had to hold back her tears as she stared at the end of her great city. She was the adult here; she had to show some bravery, even if she was already worried sick about what was to come.

    A cocky young boy stood up at the sight, while other children ran for the demolished gym, hoping to find their parents somewhere inside. "They burnt the entire city just to get a useless rock?"

    "It's not just a rock, Levi, and it's far from useless."

    "Miss Roxanne!" a little girl shouted, running into her teacher's arms. "The door's blocked off, so everyone's stuck in the basement!"

    "At least they're safe... and so are you." Pulling a Pokéball from her belt, Roxanne handed it off to her student. "Take Probopass and get rid of the rubble so your parents can get out of the gym. I'll look for the trainers." With that, the gym leader had enlisted Eli's help.

    "So, Miss—"

    "Please, call me Roxanne. You and your Pokémon were very helpful in getting the children to safety in the woods, and your Skitty and Cubchoo did an amazing job of keeping them calm. I see no reason we cannot speak as equals."

    "Alright, then. So, what was it that Team Gaia was after?"

    "It was something of a hidden treasure of Rustboro City, and it was my job to protect it. They were hunting for a very powerful Burst Heart."

    "It looks like they didn't pull any punches to get it."

    "Yes. I've received no news of this prior, but I fear the worst for Dewford. They have little in their defense, but Brawly would be the first of us to fight to a bloody end."

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