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Rick Cache - Merry Christmass, Billy!

"Sneass- - -" The Pokemon cried as it felt at the ground, helpless... And with its last forces, it lays its claws on a small nest that had fallen to the ground as the result of Slugma's constant Embers. With haste, it takes and egg, and throws it in a desperate attempt to avoid being caught.

An egg flies, a Pokeballs drives across the air. The inevitable happens. Two steel-hard titans clash... But not as expected. The egg breaks as a red chicken-like Pokemon with what seemed to be a bag comes out, only to be greeted by a Pokeballs hitting its face.

The ball falls, and shakes around. Sneasel seems to be regaining strength, and slowly, yet steadily, walks away from the scene.

Once, twice...


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