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    In order to not take advantage of mass Pokémon battles, Slugma is level 12 now (up from the 7), but it isn't allowed to pass level 16 before you've gotten your first badge, no matter how many Pokémon you beat; it's also learned Rock Throw, as of level 10. At level 14, it'll learn Harden!

    You have to keep track of your Pokémon yourself, but just keep a text file ready, or add it to the EtherPad linked on the first post.

    Also, Vato and I can be pretty cruel sometimes with Pokémon captures. Wouldn't just be right if everything went the players' way, but we can be generous, too! |P

    I will be moving my account to Songbird over the course of immediately. The signature will stay as is for posterity and reference.
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