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    Rick was dumbfounded when this happened, as he was not expecting such an event like this. He was about to get a strong and reliable Sneasel, and instead he got a baby bird. Rick was not out to catch-them-all, rather he was out to protect himself from Team Gaia. A baby Delibird was not going to do him well at all, as not only were its possible stats very low, it was a baby, and even if it wasn't a baby, Delibird only learned Present. Delibird were primarily a collector's item, NOT a potential master, or a trainer out to deal with an evil organization. But Rick wasn't out of this yet, as Slugma's speed was inherently raised due to just using Flame charge, so he was fast enough to follow Rick as they went after the wounded Sneasel.

    It was bleeding, and on the white snow, it was incredibly easy to follow. As they managed to make their way, Rick realized that there was a reason the Sneasel were so dangerous among the wild Pokemon. As the two of them began following the blood trail, Rick realized that he had been lead around in circles and that the wild sneasel has climbed up a tree. Being pretty barren due to the winter cold, it was easy to spot the wounded sneasel up on the tree. The Slugma use ember again, quickly burning through the trunk of the tree, causing it to fall. Rick commanded his Slugma and the Slugma used Flame Charge again, its speed increasing a second time, crashing into the wounded Sneasel, leaving it very burned after the long waste of time. Rick ran over to where the Sneasel dropped, pulling out his Pokeball, ready to capture it for real this time. He checked the surroundings to make sure that no Delibird eggs were laying around to act as decoys this time before he threw it.

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