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    Originally Posted by MiniBubblechu View Post
    Hey, guys.
    I'm not sure if someone has asked this already, or if it's on the thread. I haven't been able to find anything though on the web, so I'm hoping someone can give me some useful advice.
    I'm also not familiar with posting via forums, so yeah.. Just a heads up if I'm doing anything wrong. Please, kindly correct me.

    I want to make a rom hack with 4th Generation games (diamond, pearl, heartgold.. Mostly HG) BUT, I do not know what program to use, or how to find it. I know of the program SDSME, but I can't even get that to work.

    Would anyone be able to kindly pin-point me in the right direction to a working DS rom hacker, if there is one?

    I wanted to generally avoid using E/R/S/LG/FR, just an fyi, hehe.

    Thanks a ton in advanced.
    Well, a DS game is not a best one to start with if you want to find out how to create rom hacks, simply because of the rom image being large and not so well-documented. In case you want to hack pokemon and not use Gen III, you could always try out Gen I or II too.

    But in any case, if you're wanting to make a rom hack of a game not for Gen III (or pretty much, not for FireRed or Ruby), you're going to have to learn how to go on on your own, without "tool-help" from others.

    Game-modification tools are used to re-write data somewhere inside the rom, in an user-friendly way. So you could use YAPE (I think) to edit stats of a certain pokemon in Pokemon FireRed. By doing this, you're actually re-writing bytes of the rom file. And the same thing could be achieved (quite easily as well) by downloading a tool called hex editor, using "Go to offset" function to go to the offset where the stats of that pokemon are located (this requires that you know what the offset is!) and re-writing stuff there.

    Most (or if not all the) things a newbie at rom hacking (basic hex editing knowledge, maybe knowing how to look for certain types of data structures on his/her own) would be able to do using a hex editor can be achieved using game-specific tools for FireRed or Ruby. That's because there have been so many people wanting to make tools for it, so we've simply got all we need.

    If you want to go for editing some other game, you'll have to learn how to use a hex editor instead. This is not hard though! It just takes a little bit of patience. And you know what, it's much more rewarding too!

    Feel free to check out my video series I've got linked to my signature. I wouldn't want to be "advertising" them but they are good. You should get the hang of basic hacking processes already by watching the first part of it.
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