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In Generation IV, we saw the introduction of an item called a plate. Not as in something you eat off for meals, it was like a thick rectangular object that came in various colours and inscriptions. There were sixteen of them, each for a different type except for normal. Now for those of you who don't know, these plates could change Arceus into another form, e.g. if you gave Arceus a Draco Plate it would turn into a Dragon-type.

But it's not only Arceus who is restricted to using these plates, if you give one to any Pokemon it'll raise their move powers of a certain type. It sounds a bit confusing the way I worded it but here's an example. Let's say I have a Magmar and give it a Flame Plate, this would raise any of it's fire-type moves by 20%.

So my question to you is, what did you think of these 'plates'? Should they of been removed or not implemented into the game at all? How did you feel about exploring the region, looking everywhere for them as they were usually difficult to find? Did you like their purpose? Anything else? And go!
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