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    Originally Posted by DarkRisingGirl View Post
    Hey guys, after watching this video( ) I'm SO convinced that Shadow Lugia is Unbeatable, seriously. I've seen some of you have beaten the game but I'd like to hear how you defeated Shadow Lugia. I just need to read & understand how something SO powerful could be beat lol. MAKE ME A BELIEVER! I know I made Shadow Lugia that way but I never thought it would be THAT tough. So I'd basically like to hear some war stories some you had with this beast.

    Also, which I'm pretty sure most of you know, the DR2 thread has been posted for 2 weeks now. You can view it here if you haven't already:


    I forgot to add, if everyone can please go to the Dark Rising 2 thread and read my urgent post. If you're interested, please submit your idea on the DR2 thread. Thank You!

    this is what i did just to beat shadow lugia
    1st bring 50 pcs of revive
    2nd bring pokemon that has a skill of perish song or destiny bond
    3rd you must need a lot of patience co'z "dark chaos" skill of shadow lugia is max to 35(i think)


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