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Welcome Team Fail :D

It's been ages since you posted that, so I hope you got the job at Target!

Originally Posted by AzaleaLightning
My manager hasn't even been there a month and I can tell he hasn't done retail before, he's done restaurant management but it's a little different. He seems pretty desperate to get more people in, and I'm just hoping he doesn't start hiring nutcases. He legitimately didn't see a reason as to why we couldn't hire a 16 year old, until my coworker pointed out the fact it's illegal to have a 16 year old working alone or something along those lines, and he shut up. :p
The younger they are the cheaper they come, that's why he wanted a 16 year old . I'm sure if the cheapskates at my work were allowed to hire minors they'd do it too. The cost-cutting practices businesses try to do these days are just absolute overkill lol

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