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Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
They don't even have to teach through to grade 12--they can just actually TEACH French. The fact that we don't really learn any grammar or real sentences until high school in many provinces means the curriculum is just useless. I understand it's way too hard to offer immersion in every school but they could at least teach useful language constructs from the very beginning so kids actually have some way to USE the French they learn instead of just learning holiday vocabulary and doing simple crossword puzzles. <_<

Up until the end of Grade 9, all I did was learn really simple sentences, tons of vocabulary, a few key verbs (That I've forgotten and still need to know, mind you), and only in the past few years has my usability in French actually gotten to the point that I can make a half-assed attempt at a sentence. Sure it may have crappy grammar, but it gets the point across. But, if I started learning sentence structure back in like, 7th Grade, I'd probably be far more fluent and be more confident in speaking it.

The closest I got to really doing anything pre-High School was a novel study in French 9. We started rather close to the end of the year, so we never did finish it. Although it was like, a Grade 3 or 4-reading level book. I can read things and translate what most of it is into English and get the general idea of what's going on, or listen in on a conversation and pick out words I know, like vocab or a conjugated verb, but not much more. The current curriculum sucks and I really wish I had started earlier, or even done French Immersion. I'd be a far better speaker by now.