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    You didn't disable Revives, perma-Sun Chlorophyll Stun Spores, or Destiny Bond. Honestly, I don't see how anyone has the patience for any of your mandatory endgame super-bosses, which all met the same fate in my game:

    Regigigas's lack of high-PP ways to touch Gengar, combined with Substitute and parahax, gave me enough free turns to revive everyone in the middle of the match, refresh Destiny Bond PP, and then poke it to death with elemental punches. Everyone else ate a Stun Spore followed by Destiny Bond.

    Frankly I don't see why people like this game so much when it has nothing but contempt for its players. Half of my team in endgame was good for nothing but cleaning up a few of the non-broken endgame threats, and half of those didn't even have legal sets. Never mind the fact that the rest of the game's level curve is out of whack (level 70 ubers before the 4th gym, anyone?) and in general an unpolished mess. If the faults I was finding were "too tiny" before, they certainly won't be now. I've gone through Cerulean Cave and Icefall Cave. I've seen the hack writing surrounding V and Light. I've been abducted by the Kecleon ship.

    I wish you luck with your next hack, but I have to wonder how nobody seems to care about the issues that plague this one.

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