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North Slateport City

Turnip hadn't really accustomed to life yet. Considering he hadn't arrived at Slateport by boat, he had pretty reduced chances of a welcome as it was, and since he'd arrived during the preparations for Mikkelson's oath, those chances had been reduced to so near zero he'd be better off trying to get one from a hypnotized snorlax.

He didn't really focus much on the announcement itself until later on. At first, he just got the drift that:
- first of all, some leader people had been murdered by sinister whatevers and they wanted revenge. Fair enough.
- second, they were giving out free weapons, which sealed the deal.

And so he'd joined the Human Republic's war effort. This turned out to be a little misguided.
As the Human Republic's militia forces branched out into camps, Turnip found himself stationed in an out-of-the way sort of camp, towards the North of Slateport but not quite on the front lines. The camp was large enough, but mostly forgotten about in terms of military dealings. It was more of a place where soldiers would stay temporarily whilst moving from central Slateport or thereabouts to another camp, nearer the front lines - or vice-versa. There was lots of that sort of thing, with everything just beginning to be set up. Turnip, however, was stationed there permanently. Of course, he didn't mind; having nothing to do gave him a lot of freedom to conduct small operations of his own. By drawing little attention to himself, he could investigate more about what was actually going on.

Turnip is still relatively clueless as to the reasons behind the war. Of course, he knows that the Human Republic are at war with Pokémon - which he isn't particularly thrilled about - and that there appears to be some kind of conflict amongst the Pokémon themselves. The truth behind it, though - and where the faults lie - he still wants to find out. Still, he is dreading the day when he may actually be asked to do something of vague importance in this damned conflict. Supposedly there was recent news in the camp that some Nick guy wanted to scout out route 110 - as bored as he was, there was still no way he was getting himself involved in that. Frankly he didn't care much for the authority of these people.

Anyhow, today, for Turnip, was just another day. He preferred to keep to himself most times. If other soldiers happened to want to spend some time in the bunk house, he'd get a sudden craving for a little fresh air and lean against the outside wall. If another soldier happened to want to stay just outside the bunk house, he'd feel cold all of a sudden and want to go back inside - not that it was much warmer in there, anyway. If there were soldiers both inside and outside the bunkhouse, he'd immediately get the feeling he had to go for a walk.
Well, that, or he wanted to get away from his peers. Probably that, actually.

Every now and then, a jeep might drive past. Maybe a weapons delivery, maybe some kind of strategic news. Maybe he'd take apart one of his guns and reassemble it.


Or maybe, just maybe, something big was about to happen, and he'd be dragged into the bloody mess.
Turnips shall rise.

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