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    Name: Claudia Vanderpool

    Nickname: The White Thorn

    Gender: Female

    Age: 21

    Species: Glaceon

    Team: Arcane Alliance

    Title: Mistress of the Frozen Arts

    Appearance: Claudia shares the appearance of most other Glaceon with a few exceptions. Her fur is a much lighter shade of teal, looking almost white beneath the sun and making her appear nearly invisible during snow storms. Her irises are also a very peculiar shade of lilac, very uncommon in Glaceon. Her ears are decorated with several pieces of silver jewelry that she has acquired from past explorations and raids.

    Personality: Claudia is quite possibly the most cold-blooded amongst the leaders of the exploration teams. She is cruel and calculating and this garners fear and admiration from her fellow team members. Claudia is not very concerned with the goings-on of Pokemon outside of the Arcane Alliance, although she does perform her duties as a Team Leader by sending out groups to help those in need when it is necessary. Mostly, Claudia is interested in lost treasures believed to possess incredible power or immeasurable wealth. Her icy disposition makes her a difficult Pokemon to work with, but Claudia does have a sense of humor, though rather twisted and cruel.

    History: Claudia grew up as an impoverished Eevee. Her family could do little to take care of her and she was rather sickly in the early years of her life. Claudia would spend her days foraging for food or panhandling for Poke on the streets of Medius Town. Some days were good, others were not. One day, Claudia had successfully brought in 500 Poke and was so excited to bring it to the market to buy some Oran Berries for her family! However, before she ever reached the market, Claudia was mugged and had her Poke stolen. From that day on, Claudia vowed to never be so weak again.

    She trained day-in and day-out, trying harder and harder to become stronger. Claudia eventually abandoned her parents, secure in the knowledge that they'd be better off without her as a burden. She traveled alone, across many different lands and through various Mysterious Dungeons in order to make herself stronger. During her travels, Claudia discovered the potency of her Special Attacks and how much more effective they were against enemy Pokemon. She sought to utilize this advantage, but had no idea how to since her own arsenal of Special Attacks was minimum and she did not have the Poke to buy TMs to learn more. During one of her rests, in a small town in the north, Claudia overheard a Jynx gossiping with a Glaceon about a strange rock at the heart of a cave that had the power to evolve Eevee into Glaceon! Excited to finally have a way to become stronger, Claudia raced for the cave and effortlessly made her way to the center. Placing a paw upon the stone, Claudia shed her weak, Eevee form and evolved into a much stronger, more dangerous Glaceon.

    After evolving, Claudia traveled the land in search of others who had a clear potency in Special Attacks. Eventually, she came across the Arcane Alliance: A group of Specially-Offensive Pokemon who worked as a team to save endangered Pokemon and to also collect treasures and explore new Mysterious Dungeons. Claudia joined on the spot and quickly proved to be a very powerful asset to the team. At the time, the team's leader was a wizened Alakazam who did not have much longer to live. Seeing an opportunity to gain power, Claudia convinced the Alakazem to step down from power and allow Claudia to assume the role of leader of the Arcane Alliance. To this day, she runs the team with a frigid fist.

    Level: 50

    Moveset: Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, Hyper Voice, Signal Beam, Hidden Power (Ground), Hail

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