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    Zepheros [Zeph]
    Lavaridge Outskirts

    "Never! This is my tribe! I formed it, and I led it through the Great War! I absolutely refuse to....."

    Zepheros narrowed his eyes and watched as the frustrating conversation erupted between Adam and the Blaziken - Trev. Both of them were fairly reasonable with their own points, but both were also too stubborn to put their hostility aside and cooperate. The Staraptor spread his wings and glided onto another tree, landing on a lower tree branch with his sharpened talons. Though Zeph himself didn't want to admit this, it was certain that he Adam had lost a bit of its power and respect from his people. Okay, maybe not a bit, but quite a chunk of it. With the argument ending without much progress (no surprise there), Tray turned around and walked towards town, probably preparing himself for the meeting.

    'I don't care if we fight against Ruber or the humans. As long as we stand firm and win the battle, it doesn't matter.

    After giving Adam a final glance of disgust, Zeph turned to Trev and followed from above, reaching the town slightly faster than the fried chicken himself. Once there, he landed on the sandy ground and walked calmly towards the town center, observing the frightened faces worn by various Pokemon beside him. With a small, frightened whimper, a paranoid Growlithe walked past the bird, glancing at the sky from time to time to see if there were any aerial attacks from both the Ruber Tribe and the pesky humans. Zeph, letting out a small sigh of hopelessness, closed the distance between them by a gentle flap of his wings. "Don't waste your energy being afraid."

    The canine yelped with surprise upon seeing him, but quickly retained his composure. "They might attack us any minute, you know...! Aren't you at least a little paranoid?"

    Zeph snorted and returned a slightly warmer gaze instead of a strict, forceful one. "They aren't that senseless. Ruber would never engage on us with no reason. The Humans aren't used to the landscape around us, so attacking this base would be risky and difficult. We'll be safe for the time being."

    The Staraptor then shifted his gaze onto the market at the center of town, pushing the Growlithe gently with his wing. "Why don't you try keeping that off your mind by helping the others with the goods? After all, we need to be prepared now don't we?"

    The Growlithe returned a loyal nod and darted into the marketplace, disappearing under the canopy. It was a little difficult to hide his blood-lust in front of everyone else, but after being in Caerulus for so long, his patience and 'immunity' had increased over time, allowing him to stay calm (most of the time) during serious events.

    Looking behind his shoulder, Zeph acknowledged Trev's arrival and made his way towards the meeting area. Once there, the Staraptor approached him and murmured at a lower, quieter tone. "Not doing so well with Adamantius, I see."

    This would be interesting...


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