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Originally Posted by DarkRisingGirl View Post
I'm SO convinced that Shadow Lugia is Unbeatable, seriously. I've seen some of you have beaten the game but I'd like to hear how you defeated Shadow Lugia. I just need to read & understand how something SO powerful could be beat lol. MAKE ME A BELIEVER! I know I made Shadow Lugia that way but I never thought it would be THAT tough. So I'd basically like to hear some war stories some you had with this beast.
I wouldn't say unbeatable just rather extremely difficult and annoying to beat. Lugia able to just spam its Dark Chaos move (which has like the max pp any move can have - 35 I think) and would OHKO every one on my team. Literally just kept reviving pokemon after they kept getting killed. Also my Blastoise the only one to tank that move, would get poisoned and then still die lol. Simply put I just waited the Dark Chaos and full restores out before being able to beat it. Also doesn't help that the champion has 6 pokemon as well

If the battle feels more like a battle and not a waiting game it would have been better, but I still love the hack

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