What happens if I push it?....

Do you really want to know? Really?
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Posted December 14th, 2014
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On other news, I am testing the ported routine right now!

Edit: It appears to work well, however, I forgot that you can place decorations in your room...... I wonder if we can just change your room to secret base and have it work fine....

Edit2: yup, that is a fix. But I found one more problem:/. With this hack aplied, A-map gives the error: The position SpriteHeader could not be found!

Any ideas? I didn't move the location of the pointer to the sprite bank....

Edit3: Searching through the .ini I found that it appears to search for the routine which I just edited, which allows it to know where to load sprites from:/. I'll find a fix for this, I just hope I don't have to edit the .ini because then clean roms won't work of any kind due to the fact searches for the same SpriteHeader in all of the games, it is just one line in the ini:(

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