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lol alex, I never noticed. It definitely does seem like I placed my stuff like that, haha. XD; And yes, I like One Piece. Very much. o3o; Also, you're right. I'm much too comfortable with reds and blues so I don't really steer much in terms of colors. But I promise I'll try to bring more variety in my stuff. As for the "I am artist" in my icon, it had to be like that since I didn't want the text to take too much attention away from Luffy. If it were to be any bigger than that, it'd have been the main focus of the pic and I sort of...didn't want that. :p But yeah, I like how the monet avatar turned out too. Didn't think Loki'd like it, tho. I didn't know how high her standards were. She's a legend, after all. ;p But you needn't apologize, Alex. I can understand it very well. I haven't been commenting much either. And I hate myself for that. :<

Moo, thank you. Really good to hear that coming from you. And noo man, you haven't been harsh. All you've been doing till now is trying to push me in the right direction. And I really appreciate it. :]

Dipu - thank you so much! Reeeally appreciate the comment, man. <3;


These two are the result of me derpin' around:

Pentool experiment. That's all this one is. :3

Idk what I wanted with this one. The character in it is the protag of Gavin's game, btw. ;]

Just wanted to try some more pentool, I guess? Though I understand that all I've been doing till now is the basic pentooling stuff. I'll be sure to improve on it the next time you see me post here. :3

Edit; I guess this counts as an update too, right? I consider AMV/OP making an art too so here goes

One Piece Opening - D-Tecnolife

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