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Zayne Alta

Zayne, following what he new was the social norm, happily obliged his seniors request sitting to talk with him and leaving their two pokemon to chat between themselves. The two discussed a lot but primarily the focus was on teaching and on battle styles, the former more so than the latter since Zayne was vastly lacking in experience on the matter, although he maintained a cautious confidence.

[text=orange]"Thank you very much. You were also a very impressive opponent and I would like the opportunity to train with you soon. Perhaps we may introduce our companions to one another, all though only two of the several pokemon Zayne has trained, excluding myself, are here". [/text]

Zayne looked on as Aura and Tetra conversed in their strange language of simple sounds, their species name and of gestures. He was pleasantly surprised at how open Aura was being with this pokemon, he was normally very reserved, even for Zayne.
Perhaps a great degree of respect has come from their battle? pondered Zayne, almost losing his conversation with Yew.

"Perhaps when we are done teaching tomorrow we should meet again? Although I don't really know any of the staff save those I battled in their gyms, and I doubt they will remember another passing trainer." he said to his new found friend and co-worker "For now though it is quite late and I would like to go over my lesson plan and get some rest for tomorrow. Meet me back here after classes?"

Saying goodbye to Tetra and to Steven Yew Zayne did a quick run through of his lesson plan before climbing into his bed, Aura meditating in a half-sleep in the corner.

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