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    Jet Cross
    Mossdeep City

    "Children of Kyogre, prepare for a meeting!"

    Every Ruber gathered began to clap wildly. Everyone of them, except for Jet. It's a damned trap set by the Caerulus. He always thought that way. Jet just crossed his arms and humphed. He looked to his left and saw a massive Feraligator raising his fists in the air, roaring like an idiot. Don't get Jet wrong, he loved Aecor. He just couldn't believe that those groundies wanted to have a meeting. He approached the Feraligator. "Rip, you can't really believe this crap can you?" Riptide and Jet had been friends for a long time, so they could speak plainly with each other. "There's no way in hell that these groundies are gonna let us leave that meeting alive."

    "Jet, you worry too much. Loosen up buddy. You know that Aecor will pick the best of the best, and everyone knows you're the best when it comes to explosives." The Feraligator was a little bit biased when it came to deciding who's better at what, but even if he was exxagerating, it was only a little bit. Jet was very good when it came to explosives, but there might be some out there that were better than him. "I'd say you're a shoe-in."

    Jet just scoffed. "I don't know about that." He knew that he was really good, but he wasn't stupid enough to believe that nobody else was better than him. "I'm great, but I'm not the best." He took a moment to readjust his satchel so it would fit comfortably and still allow great mobility and accessibility. "You don't understand. I know those damned humans are gonna give both of us hell, but those bastards of Groudon won't give up their pride. They'll fight tooth and nail for their so-called 'righteous cause.'" Jet believed that the Caerulus had heads as thick as the earth they worshiped.

    "Say what you may, but I think this meeting is a good thing." Riptide stood firmly.

    "We'll see buddy, we'll see."
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