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    And here is my Sign-up!

    Name: Lynn Hawkeswood

    Nickname: n/a

    Gender: Female

    Age: 21

    Species: Ampharos

    Team: Woodland Wanderers

    Title: Leader; Chief

    Appearance: Lynn is not very tall, not even for her own species. Her frame is trained to climb trees, take keen leaps from branch to branch, dodging obstacles, and maintaining a balance on unstable platforms. Her resilient skin is sunny yellow in colour, with ebony bands surrounding her neck, her conical ears, and her tail. The orbs on her forehead and tail are a faded dark red colour that glow a warm carmine colour when she is in a tranquil mood, though when she is provoked, the intensity of the glow can become a blinding off-white and spits of electricity may shoot from the spheres. Her eyes are caramel brown, and radiate her fostering attitude.

    Lynn usually carries a russet brown felt satchel with her where she keeps her supplies when out on field duty. The bag is also embroidered with a metallic pin carrying the emblem of the Woodland Wanderers. She frequently wears a lincoln green dyed woolen scarf around her neck, with the knot tied behind her nape and the excess length draping down her back.

    Personality: Lynn takes her responsibility in the role as chief of the Woodland Wanderers seriously. She commits herself to acting as a motherly guardian to the junior members of the team. Her temper can be erratic: when being confronted with violence against defenceless creatures, she will often lead an offence against the perpetrator. She is also one to almost never delegate risky tasks onto someone else, so she still frequently goes out on field duty herself. She is resourceful and outgoing. She is keen to her surroundings and her young and sharp wit makes her very adaptable to different surroundings, yet she has a lot to learn.

    She is still inexperienced as a leader, but wants to do the right thing, and act with clear justice. She feels empathic towards the needy, and her disposition is generous towards others. She feels sceptical about most other teams' line of work, finding them either too passive or too impulsive, but is not beyond co-operating when needed, but her tendency to jump for leadership roles means she's not too easily convinced of other people's suggestions. She is not one for formalities and likes to stay down-to-earth, and involved with the rest of Wanderers. An idealist through and through.

    History: Lynn was born in Venator town, a town located in the pale of the Ferrum woods. She was the eldest of four, and was the daughter of an agrarian family. Her father was the owner of a leppa orchard that was passed down from his grandfather as a family business that provided the prime source of income for the household. She was quite fostering towards her three younger brothers, especially when both of her parents were working in the orchard and she was left in charge of keeping peace amongst the roudy Mareep, until they were old enough to provide assistance in the farm business.

    The Woodland Wanderers played a very trenchant role in the politics of Venator town, acting as peacekeepers when the town came under threat of a gang of dark pokémon that were robbing merchants travelling to and from Venator town. They established a firmer presence in the town, providing escort missions and retrieving the stolen goods from the dungeons where the hostile pokémon resided. The Woodland Wanderers were local legends to the common folk, especially the stories of prominent explorers. The stories of adventure woke a passion in Lynn to travel and join the ranks of the Woodland Wanderers herself. Her father, though, was concerned with passing down the farm the older he got. Though Lynn was given a chance to take over the farm, she refused the offer and presented the opportunity to her brother, Arnvid.

    She travelled northward to the hall of the Woodland Wanderers when she was 16 years old, by then a young Flaaffy. After meeting the required trial, she became accepted in the ranks of the Woodland Wanderers, though her status as a newcomer got her sceptic treatment from the other members. She learned with them, and underwent a daily training regimen to navigate through the forests, mostly being assigned to the most modest tasks: gathering food in the forest to refill the stocks, acting on sentry duty. She still ached to explore and didn't let the belittlement from the more experienced members put her down.

    She began to see real action two months after she joined. The chief of the Woodland Wanderers assembled all the members for an expedition that led them near the deep ferrum woods. There, a confrontation befell the party with the gang of bandits they had been meaning to intercept. In the battle that ensued, Lynn was cornered by two Houndoom, near defeat, and exhausted, she took the brunt from the two's constant physical attacks. Their contact with her bruised body created sparks that sent the dark pokémon into a stupor. She barely managed to overcome them then with a walloping electro ball and at last evolved into an Ampharos. She finally won the respect of the other members of the Woodland Wanderers. Over the years, she worked to become a dilligent explorer. The higher level of the Woodland Wanderers had taken notice of her achievements, and she was offered the position of third-in-command, meaning she was to lead the trials of new recruits from then on. Lynn felt honoured and accepted the offer without hestitation.

    In the last year, a hectic re-arrangement of the leadership roles, with two abdications happening within a matter of a few months, put Lynn as next in line to take over the role of chief. The top layer of the Woodland Rangers appeared to shatter while the number of bad pokémon in the mystery dungeons burgeoned, and Lynn was left to direct the mayhem just a month from the present.

    Level: 42

    Moveset: Cotton Spore, Electro Ball, Charge, Thundershock, Power Gem, and Discharge

    RP Sample:
    RP's I am in:
    Pokemon: Journeys Through Novia - Glyn Schaffer

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