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    The tall man watches as soldiers and others prep themselves for battle, watching as they exercise, maintain and build weapons, preform target practice in standard military uniforms. He goes into the kneeling position, hearing all the sounds around him slowly vanish as he enters a deep state of mind. He twists his arms and legs as he enters more positions, no longer Sigil Casus in his mind, but an unworldly observer. He uses his other senses to tell what is happening, to imagine things far into the distance.
    He thinks back to his enrollment, where they told him the Pokemon weren't like normal Pokemon. How they were more... human. He imagined the mysterious creatures, how they would act and how they would move. He imagined how he would slowly, but surely become one of them. How his disguise would become his skin and how his enemies would become his allies. He imagines the bonding they would undergo and how he would find a way to let the humans and Pokemon live with eachother peacefully.
    He imagined the look of shock on their faces as he revealed himself to be human. A human who'd they'd told every plan, every secret and weakness. He imagined how the world would be so different. Anyone watching would see a large, toothy grin forming on his face, at seemingly nothing. The dark, crooked teeth would most likely be off-putting to most.
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