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Let's see...

Dark - Houndoom. This thing is the coolest looking Pokemon they've ever introduced and it's strong and very fun to take with my team in the generations I have been able to use it (mostly just Platinum ;_;)

Water - Feraligatr. I cannot count how many times I've solo'd Crystal with this guy. He is just an incredible Pokemon and he looks so cool!

Poison - Crobat. This thing's speed is off the chart! And the fact that he evolves from annoying Pokemon, for some reason, makes me love it even more.

Ice - Weavile. Besides being my second favorite dark type, this is my favorite Ice type, because it's cool, fast, strong, and kind of creepy lol.

Fire - Houndoom lol. Arcanine is second tho for being fire beast.

Dragon - Druddigon. I've never been a huge dragon fan, but with BW brought my favorite BW Pokemon in Druddigon. Even if he looks odd, I love him and his sheer power.

Flying - Crobat again. Honchkrow is second for being a boss (for real)

Grass - Serperior. The classiest of all starters here and the most interesting imo. With low offensive stats, you'd wonder why someone would use this thing, but with great boosting moves in calm mind and coil, it's not hard to use this thing in-game.

Ground - Donphan. I remember the days I started to use this thing. I saw it in Silver and wanted it so badly that I used a Master Ball (I was an 8 year old mind you).

I have to think more about the others before I edit the list with more.