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    Originally Posted by Daydream View Post
    So I had a hop, skip and a jump to Google translate and it turns out Weiss and Schwarz mean White and Black in German, respectively. You are a wily one.
    I thought everyone knew that? Perhaps it's just me. The real question is why Ezra's name changes with the shifting world, when the only other person that does is Jared/Lauren.

    Originally Posted by Daydream View Post
    I'm rather enjoying the way you're weaving in the different perspectives to tell the story, it definitely adds intricacy to your plot. I've also noticed that Lauren seems more introspective in her narrative than Jared does. A clever way of showing the differences in their characters, I think.
    Well, I usually end up thinking of most of my characters as the main ones, so it's no surprise that I've ended up spreading the story across their eyes again. As for Lauren and Jared... well, I didn't actually notice that until you pointed it out, but yeah. That seems to be the case. It makes sense, really, given that I'm operating with a fairly strict set of parameters with the way I write each of them.


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