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    Aurora ~ Hot Springs, Lavaridge

    Aurora sighed quietly as she floated above Lavaridge, watching the citizens run around in a panicked state. Many were raiding the stores in hope to buy up necessary supplies to stock up for the expected war. Circling around the area she honed in on an Aggron and a Blazikin deep in conversation. Both seemed annoyed with each other and she concluded it was best to stay out of it. The last thing she needed was to get wrapped up in an argument when so much was going on.

    Aurora then flew off towards the Hot Springs to meet up with her group. She had started a small class to teach the young fighters of Lavaridge various skills needed for battle. Upon arrival she noticed her class was as cheerful as ever. They were running around playing games and laughing merrily. Behind them a shadow had caught her eye. A large figure leaned against one of the trees and watched the group. As Aurora landed she saw just who the mystery Pokemon. It was a strong looking Haxorus with a bandaged arm. She recognized the Pokemon from earlier. His name was Lordus and he was a formidable foe. Aurora thanked her luck that this Pokemon was on their side. The fact that he was there meant that things were becoming very serious.

    Ignoring Lordus for the moment, Aurora called her class together. “I am sorry little ones but class is canceled for today and from now on. Things will become serious here soon and it is best if you spend the time with your families and friends. Please try to understand.” A small Torchic quickly responded to Aurora. “But we don’t want to. We want to learn to become strong fighters like you and that Pokemon over there.”

    Aurora couldn’t help but smile at the youngling. “And someday you will be a strong warrior, but for now you need to learn to enjoy your youth. You will all be strong adults soon enough. There isn’t a need to rush such things. Take your time and learn all that you can. Maybe one day all of you will even surpass me in strength.”

    “You can count on it! I am going to be the strongest Pokemon in Lavaridge. NO! The whole world!” The Torchic proudly spouted.

    Aurora giggled, “I am sure you will be. For now I want all of you to take care. If I restart the classes I will make sure to contact all you. Class dismissed.”

    Aurora watched as her class slowly dispersed as they talked about what they were going to achieve in the future. Once they were all gone she approached Lordus but made sure to keep some distance between them. “So I see things are going to become serious. There are a lot of rumors going around town right now about the war and the Ruber Tribe. I just saw Adam in a dispute with Tray on the volcano’s peek. Do you know exactly what is going on?”
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