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    Originally Posted by Reygok View Post
    Oh well, that sucks. But in the original game, pokémon after 151 evolve normally, so where's the problem?
    Anyway, I'll search around a bit on this, thanks
    Not in Red:p. They only evolve normally after you beat the elite four. Try and find that post, I believe it is in R&D.

    Originally Posted by iDowngrade View Post
    Oh damn, screenie here

    sorry :D
    Next time, just click File->Screen Capture:p, that image is quite big. Haha. i have seen this before, I believe it to be a bad pointer of some sort right now.

    And after looking at your script, definitely a bad pointer... Or missing pointer I might add. Msgbox2 has to have a message attached to it. Ex msgbox2 $msg.

    Give that a try.

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