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    Originally Posted by Reygok View Post
    Google is my friend :D Like you said, in FR/LG, Pokémon after 151 don't evolve. The solution is quite obvious, now that I think of it...
    It's called National Dex! I simply put "special 0x16F" (which activates the national dex) in the script where Oak gives you the pokédex, so you receive the normal one and the national one at the same time, and boom, my Pokémon evolves :D

    Thanks for your help again, kid, I won't forget you
    You're welcome, haha, but there is a better way. That way works, but then you don't get a regional dex. It is possible to disable that evolution problem without giving the national dex, but do it whatever way you want, just as long as it works for you:D.

    Edit: I knew I saw it, who would have thought it would be in the thread labeled "FireRed Pokedex Hacking"?:p

    It is the second spoiler on the first post by Jambo51.

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