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    Slateport City

    Nicolas looked at the two applicants for the scouting trip. Both of them looked like battle hardened veterans, who had obviously had some training, which made Nick himself feel out of place, seeing as he lacked any experience in the battlefield himself.

    The first one to apply was a face he recognized, Damien Pierce. "Sir, I heard you needed some... professional help. I'm ready to do what I can, Sir!"

    Nicolas was amused with his enthusiasm, sensing his need for some action to spice up life. He looked at him screw a silencer on top of what looked like just another big f***ing gun to him.

    The second one was equally tough as the first. And it seemed like this one was a bit of a gun for hire, which freaked Nick out even more, because he knew he couldn't really trust his one.

    “Well I’m here… if you want my assistance. Name is Jacob King, bored mercenary for hire. Going for a enthusiastic walk through the forest sounded better than being put to sleep by my future employer. I dislike self promoting inspirational speeches that are usually given when people are given fancy new titles.” He then looked at Damien and said, "Why do I get a feeling you would prefer our enthusiastic nature walk to involve lots of killing poor little woodland creatures?"

    "Hey, Hey!" Nicolas said, snapping his fingers. "Talk for later, concentrate on our mission first." Once he had made sure he had everybody's attention, he continued.

    "Okay, first of all, I don't think we're going to need the big shiny guns you both are carrying," he laughed, "It's just a simple scouting mission to map the route from Slateport to the next city north of here."

    "This here," He pointed at another officer standing right beside him, "is Clarke, and he's going to be accompanying us in the mission, that makes this a four man team. I'll give you guys 30 minutes to pack up and meet me at the northern exit of the city." Nicolas said, and without even asking for any queries simply walked off, leaving Clarke behind with the other two mercs.

    Clarke looked at the two soldiers, and spat on the ground. "Ya know," He said, chewing, "Ya guys are better off not trusting that fellow there. They say he ain't as loyal as Grahams thought he was. Words around that he goes wherever there is power... But that's just silly talk. After all, he must have something that Grahams saw. And I don' think that young lad would betray us humans to join Pokemon, eh?"


    Lavaridge Town

    Tray was glad to see so much activity in Lavaridge after a long time. His word had spread fast, and Pokemon were already getting ready for the meeting. He smiled, thinking about how he'd managed to win the argument against Adam, and became considerably elated when he became aware that he had the upper hand now.

    His train of thought was interrupted by a voice, though. "Not doing so well with Adamantius, I see." Tray turned around irritably, and saw the Staraptor with anger issues, Zeph.

    "You're better off not listening to things that you don't understand. If I catch you eavesdropping again, I swear to Groudon you'll end up on my dinner plate the next day." Tray warned. "And don't go around spreading these silly lies in the town." He added as a parting gift. He wasn't too worried anyways, nobody in town believed the crazy bird anyways. Except for the other crazy bird that followed him around as an apprentice.

    He walked away from there and towards the hot springs, where he managed to spot his nephew in the crowd of young warriors.

    "What, did class end early today?" Tray smiled at the young Torchic, who looked up at him beaming.

    "Uncle Tray! Class ended early today, but I don't know why..." The Torchic had an animated expression, almost as if he was perplexed as to why they had cut class short and weren't training to fight right now.

    "I'll see what happened." Tray proceeded towards the teacher near the corner, a Dragonair who went by Aurora. Along with her was another Pokemon, a Haxorus, who seemed familiar to Tray.

    “... Adam in a dispute with Tray on the volcano’s peek. Do you know exactly what is going on?”

    "I can answer that for you." Tray interrupted, "And that answer is, nothing. Nothing is wrong."
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