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    Name: Fiora Evans
    Gender: Female
    Age: 25
    Species: Gardevoir
    Team: The Lost Learners
    Title: Principal of the Lost Learners

    Fiora is extremely special in her appearance as a Gardevoir. She is one of the rare breeds of Shiny Gardevoirs and many Pokemon marvel over her purple hair and arms.

    Fiora is a little bit of an eccentric Pokemon. On one hand, Fiora is an extremely kind, knowledgable and respected leader of the Lost Learners. On the other hand, however, Fiora can be a little seductive and jumps over too obviously and quickly onto any hot guys that she sees. As a hobby, Fiora also takes to teasing and harassing some of the guild members of the Lost Learners.

    However, Fiora is not fully a tyrant. Rather, Fiora governs her guild with benevolence, not forcing any of her guild members into doing anything that they do not want to do? In fact, there is always another alternative and option for the guild members if they are not happy with Fiora's decisions. Many take this as an undermining of authority and disrespect for the guild leader, but the Lost Learners members understand Fiora's kindness.

    Fiora was a scholar at one of the more renowned Universities in the Pokemon world. However, at that time, Fiora was someone who did not have a lot of interest in books and could not be tamed easily. Feeling bored with her studies in the University, Fiora ran away from the strict education facility.

    In this way, Fiora travelled the Pokemon world, enjoying the many sights and wonders of the Pokemon world. In fact, Fiora was fascinated by how much beauty there was in the Pokemon world. Ironically, because of this fascination, Fiora took to studying again, but this time in a more hands on manner. Fiora was the one who successfully mapped out and published a compilation of the most wondrous and magical places in the Pokemon world into a book.

    With the publication of her book a success, Fiora continued with her semi-fun way of life, casually researching and compiling notes on many subjects in the Pokemon world. In order to facilitate her research, Fiora joined the guild, the Lost Learners.

    Many of the members in the Lost Learners were glad to hear of Fiora joining their guild because many of them were fans of Fiora's works. Her research theses were interesting to read because of the way she had used a mostly informal tone that had managed to grab the attention of even the most uneducated of citizens.

    Within the Lost Learners, Fiora managed to impress everyone, including the then leader of the Lost Learners. Thus, when the leader of the Lost Learners stepped down, he passed his role and position over to Fiora (to which most of the guild members agreed to and applauded).

    Level: 40

    Moveset: Wish, Psychic, Focus Blast, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Protect

    RP Sample:
    As the three of them ran down the sewers, they heard shouts behind them. Someone shouting orders, many footsteps rushing down the stairs.

    Then, a ball of fire came and landed just behind Jade. His father turned around and prepared a thunder spell while his mother helped Jade up. They started running again.

    As they ran, it was very obvious that they were definitely outnumbered. The boy's parents launched attack after attack at the assailants as they ran. The boy had even helped somewhat.

    It was as if the entire chase had been prepared for just this moment when they had chosen to flee from their hiding place. Someone must have spread the news about their intended escape to Kraft.

    But at last, they had managed to shake off the soldiers behind. Heaving a sigh of relief, the three of them rested for a slight moment before they climbed the stairs that would lead out of the sewers.

    It was then. A whole volley of arrows, fireballs and thunder rained on the land. The boy and his parents were separated. There was chaos everywhere. The boy looked around for his parents. They were missing. Not even a corpse was found. That must mean that they were safe somehow. But he would not be safe soon. Jade realised that he had to hide, to keep himself safe before he could search for his parents.

    Jade ducked back under the sewers and hid behind the stairs, taking care not to make himself too noticed. He heard voices and shouts. People walking down and up the stairs in and out of the sewers. Jade listened to the chaos, praying against hope that his parents were fine and that he would be able to meet them when he left the sewers...

    ... Long after the noise had faded, Jade walked up the stairs. He looked around. The area around the sewers was red. No one else was around, no innocents were hurt or killed, but there was a reddish evil feel to the air. The air itself was red. Was it dawn, or dusk? The red of a sunset? Jade sat down on the floor and cried. His parents were nowhere to be found. He was all alone now.

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