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    Andrew 'Andy' Rede

    Catches' eyes widened, trying his best to stand up after missing it's low sweep.
    Andy could tell Catches had been a little taken off guard by this, so let out an encouraging call.
    "Come on Catches, keep on top of things!" Andy yelled, only to realize that the Umber was attacking Catches. The tyrogue was knocked over, falling flat on his back. He recovered after a moment's paused, but Andy could tell by him that he wouldn't last from another hit like that.
    "I was expecting strong pokemon... But this... This is a whole new level..."
    Andy didn't have time to ponder his strategy anymore. It was time to go for broke, or else he'd be relying on Snaps for the rest of the battle.
    "Catches! Use Brick Break again!" Andy commanded, his partner in crime taking a run at Umber once again.

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