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Hey look at this I've got time to do a quick post! Hows about that.
Firstly a new topic:
Have you done anything musically related lately? If so what?
For example have you played a gig? Had a music grading test? something like that.

On the subject of a home studio, I personally don't really see the point in investing so much money into one, unless you plan to record high quality music at your own home and do all the mixing and stuff yourself. I think its just as easy and cost effective to hire out a studio room for a few hours when you have what you want to record down but hey, I dont want to record studio level music so I dont really completely understand.

Last order of business will be An emblem! Apparently we can have one so I was wondering if you guys would like to create it, as I assume someone who be better with graphics and such than I or if I should. I'd also like your opinion on what it should look like soooo gogogogog!

(p.s. Everyone who has posted covers/links to their music will be able to find that they are now in the first post.)