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    Okay so in sometime last year, or quite possibly towards the end of 2011 (?), I started my Bug Monotype Runthrough (Ultimate). I made it to the Elite four on Diamond, and sort of fell off the face of the Earth for a while there. I'm pretty sure my last post is page 11. I was having trouble with Aaran, who kept demolishing me with his Drapion's high speed and attack. It was rather embarrassing actually, and I had to do a lot of grinding in Victory Road.

    Originally Posted by Last time on Lt. Col. Fantastic's Ultimate Bug monotype Runthrough!

    So now I have


    All lvl 50
    That's the gist of my last reported situation. I did actually finish Sinnoh, and I guess I never posted it because, well, its not anywhere in the thread! So I'm going to give the major points of my final Test in Sinnoh. If Necrum (or anyone really) wants me to do the run through again due to how long it took to post this, and the fact that I don't remember exactly what happened, I will!

    Here goes....

    Okay, my team of highly trained Bug pokemon were level 50
    I tried to beat the Elite Four with that, but was stopped by a certain Fire Type Trainer (actually, his steelix was the thing that stumped me. Even with Heracross's close combat)
    So I went back to the drawing board. I brought Heracross up to around 55 I believe, and finally was able to one shot Steelix.
    The rest of the E4 fell quite easily, I must say. But, Cynthia. Oh my god Cynthia was a nightmare.

    I had a very elaborate trap for the Garchomp, but I never got to use it because all of my pokemon were either killed before they could attack it or had died to her other pokemon. So I just said "Screw it. I'm gonna grind."

    I also said "Skorupi does like no damage. Meat shield status [on]"

    So I pumped Heracross up to 64 (or maybe a bit lower. That is his current and final level). Ho snap. Two megahorns later, no more Garchomp. And after that it was pretty easy to defeat the champ and move on.

    I started Black, I dont remember how far I got or anything really. So I'm just going to restart that region.

    Also, the little dragon runthrough I was doing will continue after Bug is done. I do not know if I will start another type along side it. However, expect some more after the dragons are done. I'm thinking Ghost right now.

    Tune in next time to hear me talk about how much I hate trying to level up a sewaddle.

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