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I can't say I've ever found myself in your situation Andy, but I'll have to agree that it's a hard position to be in. All I can suggest it telling him how you feel, and see what happens from there. I know it's easier said than done, but I think it's better than staying where you are. I wish you the best.

So I've been sitting around trying to come up with a topic for my gender politics essay, and my instinct keeps telling me to focus on feminism in the lgbt community, or with transgender folks specifically. I'm thinking of writing about intersectionality, and the problems faced by transfeminists in the larger feminist community. Some of the excerpts from books on the subject have been pretty insulting, like in this Wikipedia article. =/

Though if I write this, I'll most likely be outing myself to my marker, and possibly even my discussion group. I have butterflies regarding both issues, but generally I don't really care. I'm also well aware of the big ol' library of research materials in the lgbt centre at my university....I just haven't outed myself to anyone at school yet, let alone walk through those doors. I'm hoping this'll be a perfect opportunity to do just that, unless of course the butterflies take over and I decide to instead write about women's parties in Nigeria or something. xD