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Here is my new deck I put together with some new cards I pulled/bought. Just picked up a 30cent Darkrai promo today at a local card shop!

3x Darkrai Ex
3x Sableye
2x Mewtwo Ex
1x Terrakion Ex
1x Landorus Ex
2x Bouffalant

2x Skyla
4x N
3x Professor Juniper
1x Cilan

3x Hypnotoxic Laser
2x Virbank City
4x Dark Patch
3x Dark Claw
2x Pokemon Catcher (I only have one currently)
1x Escape Rope
1x Switch
2x Energy Switch
1x Crushing Hammer
1x Energy Search
1x Computer Search (ace spec)

3x DCE
9x Dark
5x Fighting

My strategy is basically just always have something to do on my turn, constantly set up energy, poison, and attack. Im pretty sure there is some stuff I can take away and add. But that is why I am posting here for help! I played today with a different version (-3 N, -3 Prof. Juniper) and I did alright. Did just lose haha. PLEASE HELP! STATES IS A WEEK AWAY!

Bump for help!
States close! Need cards!
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