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Omg Natsu! If you like Fairy Tail then you are instantly my best friend. <33; About time you got to posting, late welcome to you, Deve!

So what exactly are you interested in as far as Pokemon goes? Anime, games, manga, cards, fangames/hacks, merchandise, or something else? I'd love to know more about you so I can pinpoint some places here you might like. What about other interests? Am I wrong in assuming you like anime? :O The forum has a wide array of off-topic as well as Pokemon-based sections that cater to people's many interests; our community's huge and pretty darn awesome! Would be cool if you could be active, right? Plus it'd be even more great to have another Fairy Tail fan join us here since we can't ever get enough of those, haha. /bias

Enjoy your stay around these parts and you can contact me anytime if you need help! Alternatively there's the Quick Questions & Answers thread that is open for you to post your questions in anytime. Hope you're fired up about posting here (cheers for reference) - see you around! :3

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