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Thanks so much Loki! You have no idea how much that means coming from an artist as talented like you. ;;

Originally Posted by Loki View Post
I'd suggest further that maybe you should try to practice the balance of your faces a little? The nose and mouth are a little too close together, while the eyes seem a little too far apart! The former seems to be a recurring thing in most of your art, so I'd try to put a little more distance in between-- just to give a little more room for the philtrum between the nose and lips! Also, particularly on the Samurai X picture-- I think if you're going to shade the bridge of his nose, it'd be a good idea to define the cup of the nostrils, and not just the holes themselves!
UGH TELL ME ABOUT IT!! My biggest problem, by far, is that the picture just totally develops without me thinking about it, if that makes sense. I never sit down, about to draw, thinking, "okay this time I'm going to focus on -x-." It just kind of... happens and before I know it I've invested two hours in the hair/clothing and spent like two minutes on the face. ;;

It's funny that you mention Aqua Girl too.. because that's actually the style I feel most comfortable with. Anime.. while I draw quite a lot of it.. it just doesn't feel right to me anymore. The proportions and everything fall very much on the foreign side of art to me now. That's why more westernized pieces like Aqua Girl or Red Witch of Hameln come out better and overall more believable, imo. It's funny that you've picked up on that. n_n;;
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